Introduction to the product
that can recharge your cells and pH

Non-Toxic Skincare 
& supplement that helps detoxify the body

Energy & Antioxidants

Health start in your body´s building blocks: the cells

Low energy and health issues comes when your cells are not working well.

Learn how to recharge every cell in your body.

Plus you will learn about the fantastic skincare products.

In the modern world, we live amongst a sea of toxins in the air, water, food supply, and even in our homes.
And it is not always that easy to heal your body with food, though it is very important.
For some it is not enough to eat healthy. Your body need help to rebuild the cells, so you can thrive again and protect yourself.

We need more more electrons and antioxidants and we will explain you the simple and powerful way to heal and thrive with clean and sustainable ingredients! 

Redox signaling molecules

The product that can help your body to produce antioxidants 
by 500-800%. 

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We are looking forward to see you
Simonne & Ida

We have all been there where we were sick and tired with serious illness.

Ida Kolander:
Cellular Health and Redox/Quantum Biology coach
With a focus on; natural law, mitochondrial health and cell signaling.
Expertise in auto immune issues including lupus.

Simonne Holm
Host retreats and lifestyle courses, teaching people to cook healthy or how to cleanse there body from toxins and acid.
Alkaline health and cleanse coach. Plantbased chef.
Mind/body and meditation mentor.


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